Medical Care of Travelers

Our physicians have received special training regarding medical care of travelers. Especially if you plan to travel to tropical regions or if your itinerary involves rural regions and off the beaten path or if you plan certain activities such as SCUBA-diving, canyoning or high-altitude trekking, you should get medical advice before hitting the road.

We can answer your questions regarding the necessary vaccinations, precautions to be taken during your trip, medications you should carry with you or how to react in cases of emergency.

The German general medical insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) usually doesn’t cover the costs involved. However, certain insurances will reimburse you at least partly. According to the legal situation in Germany we are required to charge you for travel-related medical care.

You can be assured that we will inform you openly and clearly about the associated costs which will be within the range of the German Physician Honoraria system (GOÄ) and are around € 20 per consultation. Some vaccinations may cause additional costs which will have to be paid to the pharmacy distributing the vaccine.

Make sure to ask your insurance about their reimbursement scheme for travel-related medical activities. And come in early with enough time to spare before you get on track – some vaccinations have to be administered well ahead of heading out into the world.