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As Infecious Diseases specialists we are licenced to do Coronavirus/Covid-19 tests. We avoid infection risks within our Praxis by keeping patients separate and avoiding overcrowding.
Who pays for Corona-tests?
1) If you have symptoms suggestive of COVID-10 infection, if you have been warned by your Corona-app or if you had a risk contact with an infected person your insurance and/or the government will pay for your test and the necessary medical treatment
2) If you are traveling: If you're traveling back from abroad (RKI-risk areas) costs for your test will also be covered by the government.
All other patients will be charged for the test. In total, the costs for testing and medical treatment will be approximately €105.
Please call us or write an email in order to get an appointment - this way we can avoid crowds and infection risks within our Praxis. Our staff as well as our physician team speaks English. As we have implemented additional hours for Corona tests, we can accommodate quite a few patients each day - but please call early as demand is extremely high.
If we cannot offer a testing slot within our Praxis, we recommend testing centers at Hauptbahnhof, Gesundheitsamt, Uniklinik Köln or the private laboratories Quade or Wisplinghoff.

There's more information in our special section on COVID-19.


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As General Practitioners we protect and maintain your health. Together we develop a therapeutic strategy according to the latest medical findings. As a partner we’ll accompany you on the way to other specialists, therapists and through our complicated health care system. Our goal is to offer quality care in a personalized, compassionate, and coordinated manner.

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As Infectious Disease Specialists we offer comprehensive, modern diagnostics and treatment of your complex infectious diseases. Through regular training and cooperation with other professionals and clinics, we are keeping our knowledge up to date.

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Medical information on Coronavirus/COVID-19!

We're General Practitioners as well as Infectious Diseases specialists. That's why we're able to offer professional advice concerning the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether you need to get more information, whether you need to be tested or in case you need vaccinations to protect you against complications of infections - come to see us! We're looking forward to meeting you.
More on Coronavirus & COVID-19 can be found here.
In case you've heard enough about COVID-19 and just need a competent, friendly and knowledgeable GP - you're certainly just as welcome to make an appointment at Praxis am Ebertplatz.

Please don't show up without an appointment!

Because of the pandemic, we need to plan ahead! In order to reduce crowds and to avoid infections risks within our rooms, we have decided to ask all patients to arrange an appointment.
If you have an acute problem and need to see a physician the same day: give us a call, preferably in the morning or early afternoon. This way we can arrange a specific waiting slot for you and you can see your doctor right away or with very little waiting time. Our large team allows for plenty of appointments every day!

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