Technical Resources

Our practice offers numerous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


By means of ultrasound examinations, important information about internal organs can be gathered. Especially the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys, the thyroid gland, the spleen and large vessels in your body can be assessed by this technique. Diseases of internal organs can therefore be diagnosed early and timely.


An electrocardiograph is a mainstay of Internal Medicine. It is helpful when looking for arhythmia, circulatory problems and enlargement of the heart. In case a long-term ECG is needed, we can have it performed promptly by a cooperating practice.

Lung function test

This diagnostic procedure can detect lung diseases well before symptoms occur. Lung function tests are essential to assessing the success of asthma treatments.

Complete laboratory testing

In our practice, we can offer the broadest range of laboratory tests. Blood samples are taken every day, we assure timely transport of samples to the laboratory. Some lab tests are done on-site, like rapid HIV testing.


We perform all sorts of injections and infusions in our practice in case of medical need.

Inhalation therapy

Some drugs are best applied by means of inhalation, like pneumocystis prophylaxis in HIV-patients.